Sports Shirt Framing

bfc-shirt-framedDo you have a signed sport shirt from one of your favourite players? Keep it safe for posterity by framing it today.
At Garstang Fine Art, our football shirt framing services are highly sought after as we take great care while handling your shirts to avoid damage.
We have framed shirts for some top sports personalities and it has been said that we are one of the best in the UK for this very skilled service.


shirt3Choose a frame of your choice. No matter what you require, we have a wide range of frames to choose from. Whether you want an embossed frame or a plain teak frame, count on our experts to provide you with a quality and efficient service.





Its not just shirts either, we have even framed goalkeeper gloves, like the ones below from England and Everton keeper Jordan Pickford.
We’ve had some oddities come into the shop but as yet we haven’t failed to score.


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